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Malpua magic: A Rakhi story

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

It's time to relive childhood memories.

In the warm glow of their childhood kitchen, Simran lovingly arranged a plate of freshly made sweets – aromatic malpuas, jalebis and gujiyas drizzled with syrup and garnished with nuts. Her heart swelled with the anticipation of sharing her affection with her dear brother, Aryan. She had spent hours with her mother learning and perfecting the recipe, each stir of the batter carrying with it memories of their mischievous escapades and heartfelt conversations. With a soft smile, Simran placed the plate before Aryan, his eyes lighting up as he saw his favorite treats. "Remember when we used to sneak into the kitchen to steal these?" she chuckled, nostalgia dancing in her voice. Aryan took a bite, savoring not just the delicious taste but the warmth of his sister's gesture. As they relished the gujiyas, jalebis and malpuas, Simran's eyes sparkled with mischief. "Tomorrow is Rakhi," she reminded Aryan playfully. "But no worries, I won't tie you a rakhi again. I'll settle for you treating me to more of these malpuas." She passed him her phone, showing the link to, a place where he could order the same freshly made mouthwatering sweets. With laughter and love, they embraced the shared memory, looking forward to celebrating Rakhi in their own unique way.

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A treat for the perfect Rakhi.


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